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Diagnostic & Preventive

On your first visit, Dr. Barton, will perform a full mouth diagnosis of disease of the teeth and gums, and screens for oral cancer.  Our hygienist will perform preventive procedures that include prophylaxis (cleaning), fluoride rinses and a comprehensive review of the patient’s Oral hygiene instructions for proper flossing, brushing, and Periodontal (gum tissue) maintenance.

Scheduling to remind patients of their semi-annual or quarterly hygiene appointments is arranged at the conclusion of the visit.


We offer a range of restorative procedures including tooth colored fillings, inlays, onlays and porcelain and metal crowns.

 Endodontics (Root Canals):

We provide root canal treatment for most teeth, minimizing referrals for patient convenience; Dr. Barton, D.D.S. can treat immediate conditions as situations arise.


Treatment of gum tissue is an important part of modern dentistry, providing a sound base for any dental work and to maintain overall oral health. Although, we do not perform extensive surgery, a recommendation by Dr. Barton will be made for this extended service, as needed.

Oral Surgery and Implants:

All types of extractions, are performed routinely in our practice. Implant restorations to replace missing teeth with fixed restorations are performed as well.

Fixed & Removable Prosthodontics:

Fixed Bridges and all types of removable complete and partial dentures are available for functional (or aesthetic reasons).


We offer a complete package for comprehensive orthodontic care that includes the braces; retainer, and all follow up care.

Cosmetic Procedures:

•Teeth whitening
•Veneer restorations
•Full mouth makeovers: whitening, shaping and positioning
•Night guards for grinding, and athletic guards for all sports

TMJ and Sleep Apnea

TMJ is an acronym for “temporomandibular joint” and is a condition that effects the jaw joints, one on each side of your head, working in unison to open and close your mouth. Dr. Barton can help assess symptoms to help diagnose the problem and offer a solution with various forms of therapy.

Preliminary testing for sleep apnea can be assessed by Dr. Barton, with fairly simple interaction. However, referral based doctors for screening and treatment will be deferred as sleep apnea is a medical condition and must be diagnosed by a Sleep Physician.